A school trip to a museum?

Some schools have given up on going to museums or art exhibitions in general because people don’t seem to appreciate art as much as they used to. Although that is true, art is something that is very important for everyone and it’s something that is in everything. Schools should try teaching art with a more fun approach, maybe by visiting a museum or art exhibition, or making one of their own?

At school

If you as a school want to keep the students interested and motivated, you should make it fun for the students to be there. Try a more practical approach instead of trying to teach them a lot about art history, or try to mix the two together maybe?

A way to make it more fun for the students is by getting someone into class to talk about art, maybe an artist that no one has really heard of. Or maybe making their own art exhibition is something they’d be interested in. They could sell tickets to their friends and family for whatever they want to pay for it, and donate all the money to a foundation that supports art?

A trip

As you all might know, most of the time students find it fun to do some things out of school as well. And no I don’t mean homework, I think they’d rather not have any of that to be honest, I mean a trip! A trip to an art exhibition or museum is also a lot of fun for them! They can interact more with the real world of art without having to be silent and focussed the entire time.

Some students still won’t like this, but hey, you can’t please everyone. Maybe once they’re there, they might like it after all, who knows. And if you’re uncertain you can always ask the students, they know what they like best.

What places do you recommend?

Well in the Netherlands there are a lot of museums to visit with school. Some have special discount prices for people who come with schools or classes so you might want to take a look at that. One of the few I would suggest is the Moco Museum in Amsterdam for example, they also work with a ‘kortingscode Moco Museum. It’s a discount code you can use on your tickets to get cheaper one’s and to make the trip more affordable. Therefore you know for sure you will make the right choice.