Alternate Greek Summer Destinations


If you have already traveled to Greece and think that you’ve known this beautiful country, we have something to surprise you. Visiting the less known places can show you the completely different side of this ancient gods’ habitat. This article will give some ideas for your future vacations in Greece.


The history of this peninsula in the south of Greece goes back centuries. Here you can visit ancient history museums, explore breathtaking excavation sites and watch the ruins of buildings in Corinth and Olympia. In addition, there are multiple opportunities for leisure activities: amazing beaches and water sports centers are at your service. The place to stay is suitable for every taste and budget: choose from luxury Peloponnese villas, high-end hotels, and tiny guest houses.


If you are tired of the asphalt jungle, the wild nature of this incredible island will be the perfect destination. Here you’ll see the highest mountain in the Aegean – mount Saos. Multiple ponds and lakes are scattered throughout the island, and the vegetation is gorgeous. After exploring the picturesque landscapes, you can visit the archeological site and feel the history. After an exciting day full of positive emotions, relax on one of the beautiful beaches.


This archipelago includes 24 inhabited and 15 people-less islands. The best islands to visit are Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, and Amorgos. These locations provide multiple tourist attractions, and you will be able to see the real Greece with its friendly people, tasty food, and ancient traditions. In addition, you can rent one of the luxury villas in Cyclades to feel yourself a VIP person or stay in small B&Bs, traveling from one island to another.


When you see the local landscapes, you won’t believe they are real. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. The contrast of golden sandy beaches and bright turquoise seawater delights the eye and creates the perfect mood for light-hearted holidays. The trip to Halkidiki can’t be completed without visiting its crown jewel – Mount Athos. 


If you plan to visit “the Mount of Gods,” Litochoro will be a perfect starting point. After a tour through a picturesque town, we recommend visiting the holy city of Dion. In ancient times, the main god of the pantheon, Zeus, was honored there with sacrifices. After that, go to the nearby archeological site, showing a significant ancient city.


In proximity to Peloponnese, you can find the beautiful and peaceful island of Kythera. It doesn’t contain many modern attractions, but here you can rest from the everyday hustle and forget all the worries. Smiley local people, a mind-blowing amount of fish dishes, and beautiful nature are a natural cure for burnt-out and tired people. Time seems to change its pace in this tiny paradise and take some time to rest from the high speed of modern life.

After reading this article, we hope you will consider visiting Greece one more time and discover new sides of this diverse country where modern cities sit side by side with ancient sanctuaries. Explore all experiences Greece can offer and have one-of-a-kind vacations!