Prepare these 5 mandatory things before going abroad

8 Essential Things You Need To Take Before Going Abroad

Going abroad is increasingly becoming a travel option for Indonesians. In addition to many places that can be places to take pictures, airline tickets abroad are also almost the same as tourist destinations in different cities in Indonesia.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of Indonesian tourists in various countries, especially in Asia, is increasing. Still, there are many things to prepare when traveling abroad. The goal, not to become a problem in another country.

Would you like to know what mandatory preparations you need to make when traveling abroad?

Passport and visa

visa traveling to Australia is a mandatory requirement that must be met. Some countries offer the Indonesian population visa-free. However, there are still many countries that require a visa for the Indonesian public.

In addition to being a personal identity, passports and visas are sometimes required up front when a plane or hotel ticket is to be booked.

Airfare and hotel

Make sure you already have a plane ticket plus a hotel. For airline tickets and hotels you can buy in advance so that the prices offered are cheaper. Accommodation is an important thing to have before reaching your destination country. Because some immigration officials in some countries will ask you where you live temporarily during your vacation.

Destination country information

Make sure you have studied the country you are going to. Both customs and culture, including tourist places to visit. This is important, in addition to the information, you can also arrange a travel route from the beginning because you already know a lot of information about the destination country.

Currency of the destination country

The currency is legal tender. Each country also has a different currency. Therefore, make sure you have the currency ready in the destination country so that you will not have a problem finding a money changer when you arrive at your tourist destination. Some people may use an ATM or credit card, but you still need to be prepared for small denomination coins.

Internet network

This Internet network is very important if you are on vacation in another country. The objective, so that communication with the family can be maintained at home. By using the Internet network, you can work more efficiently, because telephone costs between countries are quite high. You can use the messaging application service.

In addition, you can also stay connected to the Internet and stay up-to-date on social networks, making your vacation more complete and memorable.