Vacations to Boracay, do these activities

Boracay Budget Trip Guide: Exploring the Most Beautiful Island in the World  Under $200

No vacation to the Philippines is complete without a visit to Boracay. The dazzling stretch of white sand, crystal clear sea water and beautiful sunsets are some of the interesting things to be found in Boracay. The nickname of tropical paradise in the Philippines deserves to be written on this island. Boracay is also known as one of the islands with the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Not only are the beaches very beautiful, Boracay also has fun activities like the following:

Exploring between islands (island hopping)

Island hopping, that’s the name of this activity. Boracay has small islands like Crocodile Beach and Puka Beach that can be explored by boat. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of the island and the beach while trying water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

Enjoying the sunset sailing in paraw

One of the fun and unique ways to enjoy Boracay sunset is skydiving. They will take you out to sea on a traditional Boracay boat. The shape is unique, the passengers will sit on the right and left of the ship in the form of nets. Sailing with this boat provides a different feeling and experience.

Cliff diving at Ariel’s Point

Lovers of adrenaline-provoking extreme sports should come here and try cliff diving. Cliff diving is an extreme activity where you jump into the sea water from a cliff and then dive a bit to enjoy the underwater world. Ariel’s Point is one of Boracay’s famous cliff dive sites. If you are not brave enough, you can watch other visitors enjoy cliff jumping.

Snorkeling at Tambisaan Beach

The secluded Tambisaan Beach, east of Boracay, is home to coral reefs and other marine life. This beach is a favorite diving and snorkeling spot for marine life enthusiasts.